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Our state-of-the-art remodeling estimating software was designed using industry-standard technology. This innovative resource can help you determine construction costs with more accuracy for your clients in a fast and efficient manner. To find out more about how this software program can ensure client satisfaction, schedule a live demo with us today.

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What is Remodeling Estimating Software?

Remodeling estimating software, at it's core, is designed for a contractor to estimate the costs of a remodeling project. The software will guide you through the estimating process to help you accurately estimate the costs of your specific project. Traditionally, construction estimating would be done using pen and paper. However, this is extremely time consuming and prone to errors. A modern estimating solution will not only allow you to estimate faster and more accurately but, help you manage many of the other moving parts of your contracting business. This includes automating and streamlining functions like scheduling, contracts and proposals, purchase orders, invoicing, and so much more. Professional remodeling contractors are finding that by harnessing the latest construction software, they can run their businesses more efficiently and with less headaches.

What to Look for in Remodeling Estimating Software

When looking for a new remodeling estimating software program to use with your company, there are a few factors you should consider. Several software programs are now on the market for the construction industry, and they all have something different to offer. It's essential to find a program that caters to the specific needs of your company and one that helps in various areas of your job.

Here are a few must-have features you should consider when comparing these products:

Innovative Remodeling Estimate Technology

Your remodeling estimating software should have the latest features to help keep you on track. To provide your clients with an accurate bid, you should have access to software that allows you to utilize the most up-to-date material prices from your actual suppliers to create a truly accurate estimate. It’s common for construction estimating software to use industry Costbooks that look good on paper but, in reality are often too inaccurate to trust your contract. That’s why Estimator360 created a seamless way to interact with your specific suppliers to use their real prices on each and every estimate.

Simple and Easy to Use Platform

The remodel estimating software that you choose shouldn’t take you and/or your team years to learn. You have a full-time business to run which makes finding time for anything new difficult. It can also be stressful and time-consuming learning a complicated estimating software program. That is why Estimator360 is built on a simple and easy to use platform to get you up and running as fast as possible. In addition, Estimator360 offers unlimited free training for any guidance you may need.

Automated Documents, Contracts, Proposals, etc.

Estimator360 is a remodeling estimating software that automates documents such as proposals and contracts so that you don’t have to waste your time writing out and drafting customer documents across multiple applications. When your estimate is complete, Estimator360 allows you to quickly create construction documents, customize them to fit your goals, and readily makes them available to you and your customers. These documents include proposals, change orders, alternate contracts, purchase orders, invoices and more. The software allows you to then either sign and send documents electronically or print them out as a hard copy.

Integration with Accounting

Estimator360 automates your accounting process by integrating with QuickBooks. This integration increases your productivity by eliminating time-consuming double-entry. Time logged by your crew members can be transferred directly into QuickBooks, making the payroll process quicker and easier than ever. Relevant information such as time logging, purchase orders, and invoicing are all integrated with QuickBooks to keep your accounting information accurate and up-to-date.

Crew Time Logging

There is no need to pay for a third-party time tracking tool with this remodeling estimating software. Time logging is built into Estimator360 to make your life easier. Employees can track their time directly from their mobile device. Logged time is tracked against the estimated time for each project so that you know exactly where you are with your productivity. Logged time can also be used to recalculate labor ratios for assemblies to use on future projects. This means the estimating software becomes tailored to your crew’s exact productivity so that you do not lose money with inaccurate estimates.

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Benefits Your Company Can Receive by Using Remodel Estimate Software

There are several advantages to using construction estimating software. One of the main advantages that contractors benefit from is saving time. When you save time in the construction industry, you save your company money. Another benefit is greatly improving the accuracy of your estimates. Being able to accurately estimate a project from the start can save you in the future from time-consuming headaches and costly miscalculations.

Indeed, the majority of the crucial tasks this software performs can also be performed manually using spreadsheets or pen and paper. But, using an effective remodeling estimating software is much more efficient as it streamlines and simplifies many of the moving parts in your remodeling projects. Traditional methods also leave ample room for possible errors. By using a software program, you can expect fewer mistakes with calculations and enjoy the added bonus of more flexibility since the software is accessible on virtually all of your devices, anywhere, anytime.


What are the Benefits of Cloud-Based Software?

Construction remodeling software that is cloud-based allows you to manage your data and estimates anywhere at any time. You can access this information from your laptop as well as on your mobile device. You no longer have to depend on one stationary computer at the office to provide your clients with a quick estimate. Contractors know that it is not always possible to be in the office at all times. A cloud-based solution allows you to keep your business running smoothly from anywhere.

Is it Possible to Obtain Accurate Pricing for Building Materials and Supplies?

To get the most accurate pricing, this remodel estimating software connects you with your reliable suppliers that you already know and trust. Estimator360 makes it simple to invite suppliers to bid on materials for your projects. These material prices can then be saved for use in future estimates. Using your supplier’s material prices is the only way to ensure a contract-ready estimate.

Will the Software Allow Me to Edit the Estimate if My Client Requests Changes?

Yes, it's easy to make updates to your estimate any time your client changes their mind. If a client requests a change after a contract has been signed, the system will then track the changes you make and automatically populate a change order for the client to sign.

How Do I Manage Assemblies to Use for my Estimate?

This remodeling estimating software uses what are called Smart Assemblies. Smart Assemblies eliminate the need for you to manually create the thousands of assemblies required for a remodeling contractor to accurately estimate different projects. Estimator360 instantly builds assemblies on the fly as you make your project specific option choices. These assemblies calculate the labor and materials required based on each estimate’s specifications. Managing your assemblies has never been easier.

Can I Offer Alternatives in the Estimate to my Clients?

It is possible to offer alternatives in your estimate to your clients when you use this remodel estimating software. This program lets you provide more price options to your clients so they can make a choice based on their preferences and budget. The estimate you offer them will display all your options and substitutions so that it is simple and easy for your client to compare costs and services.

What is the Best Remodeling Estimating Software?

Our remodeling estimating software, Estimator360, offers the most innovative features available in the industry to help make your life easier. You can provide clients an estimate at anytime, anywhere, even from your mobile device thanks to this cloud-based software. This program makes it easier than ever before to make quick changes and provide clients with the most accurate estimates possible. Estimator360’s innovative project management tools allow you to run your business more efficiently and effectively. If you are looking for a way to save your company time and money, this is the ideal remodeling estimating software for you. Schedule your Live Demo today.

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