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Purchase Orders

Are wrong or mistimed job site deliveries costing you money? Estimator360 purchase orders are automatically generated and scheduled based on your approved estimates.

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Bid Invitations feed the purchase order data automatically.

Purchase orders are a breeze within Estimator360. They are created automatically from the suppliers that were invited to bid. You can award the list of material items to one supplier or cherry-pick the list. After choosing which items to award to each supplier, the system keeps track of each supplier. There is no confusion as to which materials a supplier is responsible for because the system remembers what was awarded to them and the cost for each item.

Schedule dates & deliveries to job sites.

Suppliers that were awarded items for the project will be flagged. Selecting your supplier sets up the purchase order. Determine the delivery location by choosing either to the address of the Builder or the Client. Your company terms or a specific note to your supplier can be set up on the purchase order.

Choosing items to purchase.

Adding the specific items to be purchased is simply checking the box next to the item. Edit the number of items to be delivered if needed. Select the delivery dates which can be different for each item. Individual notes can be added to each item. The system will remember the remaining quantities for each item that will be available for another purchase order.

Electronically send purchase orders.

Sign your purchase order. Electronically send purchase orders to the suppliers and subcontractors that were assigned to the document after it has been created. Estimator360 keeps track of the status of the purchase orders as it sets the status to Sent.

Suppliers and subcontractors sign electronically confirming your orders.

Suppliers and subcontractors upon receiving the purchase order can review all the quantities of the items with the item price that was awarded to them when they were selected to supply items for this project. The supplier can add their payment due date. The supplier signs electronically to confirm their delivery dates. Upon being signed by the supplier or subcontractor it changes the purchase order status to Signed. It is then sent immediately back to the builder showing the new status along with the payment due date.

Sends calendar reminders for delivery to suppliers or subcontractors.

All purchase orders when signed for approval by the supplier receive a Google calendar reminder.

Audit trail tracks the date and time, they were received with a delivery date.

Suppliers and subcontractors upon receiving the purchase order will see the builder's signature audit trail. The purchase order includes the delivery date. When the supplier signs the purchase order, he will see his signature audit trail confirming his action.

Track the status of all purchase orders.

The system tracks the status of invoices in an easy to understand format. All company purchase orders can be reviewed and the status they are in from the company purchase orders menu. You can filter the current status selections All, Not Paid, Overdue, Paid, and Unsent to drill down to get a clearer picture.

Record payments for purchase orders.

Payments are recorded from either the project purchase orders, or the company purchase orders.

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