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Change Orders

Are you getting paid for work done outside your contracts? Estimator360 tracks work done outside your contracts and allow you to easily generate change orders.

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Automatically generate change orders when clients change contract items.

After there has been a signed contract, any changes made within the estimate will be tracked by the system. This is to ensure that you get paid for additional work beyond the scope of the original contract. Too often your projected profit is eaten up because you could not prove it wasn’t in the original contract.

Any proposed changes that are requested are estimated in the same manner as the original estimate.

The new estimated changes are automatically populated to create a new change order.

The new change order will show the dollar amount either increasing or decreasing depending on the changes that were requested.

The change order will also state what the new contract price will be if the client gives approval.

Unlimited change orders.

Estimator360 is designed to create endless change orders.

The new change order will be approved in the same manner as the original proposal.

The change order then becomes a part of the contract with the updated cost which locks the change order prices down.

The client change order approval is added to the signature audit trail.

The system will record every change order that follows, giving you the complete history of the project changes.

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