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Are you looking for an easier way to create detailed estimates in hours not days? Estimator360 provides project templates allowing you to create and modify estimates and assemblies fast.

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Construction Estimate Templates are included with Estimator360

System templates are provided in the software to help you get through the estimating process faster. Our templates are organized into four groups: New Construction, Garage/Room Addition, Remodel/Renovation & New Install/Replacement. In each template group, there are numerous templates to get you up and running.

Create custom templates.

Unlike system templates, custom templates are created by you. They can be created at any time to make future estimates faster than ever. You have the option to save any estimate as a template for future use by creating a template from an estimate you made, with or without a template. You can create an unlimited number of custom templates.

Build estimates by using templates.

Templates jumpstart your estimate by already having the areas defined as well as assemblies selected and attached to their respective areas. Work areas can then be edited to fit your specific project at hand.

Merge templates to create estimates.

Templates can be merged to rapidly build complex estimates. Residential construction projects can have a lot going on, making the estimating process difficult and time-consuming. The ability to add any number of templates to an estimate means you can build accurate estimates quicker than ever. You can merge the system and custom templates to any estimate.

Edit area and specifications recalculate assemblies.

Within a template, areas, and specifications can be edited to exactly fit the project at hand. Assemblies will then automatically recalculate the labor and materials required based on the new dimensions or calculations. From the Area Review screen, you can delete any assembly that you do not want that came in with the template you are using to create your new estimate.

Renamed assemblies to templates.

Any assembly that you have renamed in an estimate that you make a template from will be saved for all future estimates using that specific template.

Manage templates.

A full list of your custom templates can be viewed and managed from the project template screen. You can delete any custom template you may no longer use that you have created.

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Absolute best overall estimating, scheduling and project management solution. Period.
Jeff Tyler, Owner Clearwater Woodworking LLC
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Tony Kania, President Crew Built Inc.
Great Software, Great Development Team
Travis Bullington, President Anchored Construction and Restoration