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Tired of maintaining accurate prices across several different suppliers? Estimator360 has the solution. Invite your suppliers to bid on your estimates, and easily compare prices.

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Electronically secure current prices for your estimates and price lists.

Inviting a supplier to bid on a project is the fastest way to get real-time accurate pricing for your project. This takes out any guesswork. Using the Bid Invitations feature, it will organize your bid requests and can be sent to as many suppliers or subcontractors that you want.

From suppliers you buy from every day.

With a few clicks, you now can get current prices for your material items and subcontractors through your local sources.

Eliminates double entry and transposing numbers.

Once bid items have been selected, the prices will automatically populate into your estimate. This eliminates the time-consuming process of checking for transposed numbers and doing inefficient double entry.

Request prices from a single source or multiple sources.

Bid Invitations allows you to get multiple prices from different suppliers and subcontractors. Our system discreetly sends each supplier the invite, no more worries about forgetting which items were sent to which supplier. Our system remembers the items from each supplier all the way through to the purchase orders.

Creates cost comparison for suppliers or subcontractors.

Estimator360 allows you to compare the bid items side by side and you choose which one best fit your project.

Selected prices automatically populate your estimate.

Upon reviewing which prices will be used for the estimate, you can either choose from one supplier or multiple suppliers. After saving your selections the estimate is populated.

Save prices automatically to estimates and price lists.

Prices from bids are automatically saved to your company default price list. You can also save them to create or update custom price lists.

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Absolute best overall estimating, scheduling and project management solution. Period.
Jeff Tyler, Owner Clearwater Woodworking LLC
Exactly what I was looking for.
Tony Kania, President Crew Built Inc.
Great Software, Great Development Team
Travis Bullington, President Anchored Construction and Restoration