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Detailed Material Lists

How do you make sure the materials in your estimate are used for the right areas on your project? Detailed material lists are generated from your approved estimate and accessible by your crew from anywhere on any device.

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Completion of estimate generates a detailed list of materials.

Estimator360 keeps track of every material item, subcontractor, and service as they apply to the correct area of work and assembly. No more wondering where you figured using specific materials on your project. As a contractor, you estimate way too many projects that may start later. Our system keeps you connected with any project no matter when it starts.

View materials by area or assembly.

Material lists can be sorted by area of work or assembly. This allows your team members to zero in on the materials needed for the area they are working in or the task they are building out.

Eliminates materials being used in the wrong place.

No more miscommunication from the office to the field. Crew members can access any project you have assigned them to work on. They can see exactly what materials you figured for specific areas eliminating costly mistakes by cutting up the wrong material.

Crew members can access the material list from any device.

Ease the minds of your entire team by taking away the chances of losing paper material lists or not having all the information needed to efficiently complete the project.

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Absolute best overall estimating, scheduling and project management solution. Period.
Jeff Tyler, Owner Clearwater Woodworking LLC
Exactly what I was looking for.
Tony Kania, President Crew Built Inc.
Great Software, Great Development Team
Travis Bullington, President Anchored Construction and Restoration