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Struggling to get the current and exact materials in your projects? Stop relying on outdated cost books and receive bids for your materials directly from your current suppliers and subcontractors.

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Construction Material Costs are stored in your company price lists which is available for every estimate.

Industry cost books are clunky and quite often inaccurate. Estimator360 eliminates them by building your own company price lists automatically for you. They apply to your area, using your suppliers and subcontractors.

Eliminate cumbersome cost books and modifiers.

You would never trust going into a contract using prices that are based on national averages, then be asked to use a regional modifier to adjust the prices. Not a good recipe for financial success.

Easily & accurately manage material costs.

No re-checking the cost for estimates and purchasing yearly cost books. Eliminate the time spent to double-check item prices that were derived from a modifier. Save your hard-earned money and stop paying for cost books that give you prices you would not trust to support your business.

Real-time prices from trusted suppliers you deal with every day.

Receive current prices for material items, subcontracts, and services electronically. Automatically saved to your company price lists for future projects. With a few clicks, you now can get current prices for your material items, subcontracts, and services provided by suppliers from your local sources.

Update prices electronically, manually or with excel spreadsheet.

Estimator360 allows you to electronically send to your suppliers and subcontractors for updated prices for the entire price list or a select list of materials using the Bid Invitations feature. Have a few items to update manually enter the prices directly in the company price list. You can also download to an excel spreadsheet and upload it back into your price list.

Eliminates double entry and transposing numbers.

Too often putting estimates together you deal with time crunches. This opens the door to making mistakes. Unfortunately, mistakes are not realized until the project is underway. At that point what was planned to be a profitable project is now a loser. Prices from your price list are automatically pulled into the estimate doing away with the chance of making a mistake.

Saves item prices in estimates and system price list.

Whether you have electronically secured prices for your new estimate or for your company price list, Estimator360 has you covered. You can refresh any prices to an existing estimate. And prices secured for a new estimate are automatically saved to your default company price list.

Create an exclusive company price list.

Let’s face it, cost books have thousands of items you will never use. Nobody wants to search through items that will never pertain to their business. Our system will build you your own company price list with the items you use on your project automatically.

Record cost the day that it is updated.

Every item that is updated in your company price lists will show the date when it was updated. No more guessing as to how old a price may be. Let Estimator360 take that off your shoulders.

Create additional company price lists for different suppliers.

You can create an unlimited number of company price lists for each supplier you want to tap into for future projects.

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Absolute best overall estimating, scheduling and project management solution. Period.
Jeff Tyler, Owner Clearwater Woodworking LLC
Exactly what I was looking for.
Tony Kania, President Crew Built Inc.
Great Software, Great Development Team
Travis Bullington, President Anchored Construction and Restoration