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See how Estimator360 solves our customer's biggest challenges in Construction Estimating and Management.

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Case Study: The Fence Experts

“Estimator 360 is a wonderful software and great company to work with. It systemizes your estimating in a clear and simple manner allowing for speed and accuracy. As a company, they are constantly listening to new ideas and input from users as they perfect and develop new features in the software.”

The Challenge:

I found it difficult to create clear accurate construction estimates. It was very frustrating and kept me from bidding confidently.

The Solution:

Estimator360 gave me a construction management system and increase my project estimating speed significantly. It also remembers the cost and times used in the past so I can keep this competitive and profitable. Estimator360 allows us to work through our construction projects in detail.


I would highly recommend giving it at least a few months to figure out how it really works.

the fence experts

Delmar S.
The Fence Experts

Case Study: Duffy Construction

“The staff at Estimator360 has been incredibly responsive to our needs and has always responded rapidly to any challenges that we were having.”

The Challenge:

Having a simple, logical, and duplicatable estimating program that was accurate and thorough. It was highly frustrating leading me to try many different programs.

The Solution:

We have had to learn a new way of estimating but it is getting easier. We have a much more accurate estimate, better materials control, much better labor control, and we are profitable on every job without having to guess whether or not we would be.


Don't do it unless you want to make more money and have a more effective business.

Duffy Construction

Brendan Duffy
Duffy Construction, LLC

Case Study: Top Notch Services

"First off I want to start out saying, great customer service!!!! This software has changed my business. What would normally take hours and more hours, now just takes me maybe an hour. I will never go back. Well worth the price just in time saved. Thanks again."

The Challenge:

Keeping track of all the prices, and remembering layout breakdown. It made me dead tired, not what I wanted to do all weekend.

The Solution:

Estimator360's simple layout and does it all attitude, everything is just a few clicks away. Time=Money


Try it at least. What have you got to lose? You will be sold so quick. Well worth it.

I had a big bid I was working on and I was thinking I need some help. Looked around at other software. Tried a few. They Suck. I found Estimator360. Well right after I got Estimator360, I started to layout out this Bid to try it out. About 30 Mins in I was sold. There was enough to start out. After layout was complete. It looked so good. At least half the time, and that was the FIRST ONE!

Roger Anderson
Top Notch Services

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Absolute best overall estimating, scheduling and project management solution. Period.
Jeff Tyler, Owner Clearwater Woodworking LLC
Exactly what I was looking for.
Tony Kania, President Crew Built Inc.
Great Software, Great Development Team
Travis Bullington, President Anchored Construction and Restoration